The Miracle Rain


The wet streets of our town this morning after the rain!

Until last night, Pucacaca (the town I live in) was without rain for at least a month. On top of that, the city was not pumping water from the river into people’s houses. They did once a couple weeks ago, but it only ran for a short time. The weather is extra hot this time of year, so no rain or water means no relief. People were suffering a little more than usual. Cassie (my mission partner) and I had been rationing the little water we had left until finally we had none. No water… that means no showers, no cleaning, no flushing toilets, no washing clothes, no washing dishes. People rely so heavily on water. Even their crops were suffering, which affects their income. We learned a lesson from the poor whom we serve. For them it’s life. It wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last. We wouldn’t hear them complain. They would wash their clothes in the river, bathe there, and then carry buckets of water over and over again to their homes. For Cassie and I, it was a great sacrifice. It was beautiful to suffer in solidarity with the poor, but it was hard. Family Missions Company gives us a charism to focus on every month. This month, the charism just so happens to be sacrificial. The Lord gave us a real way to practice.

Yesterday was a hard day for me. I woke up sweating buckets because the heat is just so intense; even at night, and even with a fan blowing directly on us. With no water to take a shower, it was rough start to the day. Then, we went to our Liturgy of the Word service that we do every week in a different community, and no one showed up. Not sure why, but it just added to my discouragement. We decided to go wash our clothes and take showers at the Pastoral Center in a different city, where water supply is most of the time not an issue. While we were there it rained for 10 minutes. I prayed the the rain would travel to our town. When we arrived home the sun was beaming, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We have been praying pretty fervently for rain, but in that moment I begged the Lord. It was a long afternoon, and I finally posted a plea for help on Facebook, begging for more prayers.

At 10:00 last night, 6 hours after I posted my intention on Facebook, God opened heaven, and it poured down rain all night long!!!!! With tears in my eyes I gathered every bucket I could find and put them out to collect water. I immediately recognized the rain as an answered prayer!
Matthew 7:7-8 “Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.
Everyone who asks receives; everyone who searches finds; everyone who knocks will have the door opened.”
God answered our prayers! All He wanted was for me to reach out. He saw our struggle, He heard our cry for help, and He ALWAYS answers! Prayer is SO powerful!

In times where God is asking for sacrifice, let us remain fervent in prayer, and let us ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray with us! Sometimes, most of the time, God feels so far away in difficult times. We become frustrated and loose faith. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said once, “Suffering is a sign that you have become so close to Him that He can kiss you”. Jesus is with us in suffering. He is our Good Father who kisses where we hurt.

This morning I prayed my rosary thanking God for all of you. For your prayers, and for all the ways you love and serve Him. As I was praying each Joyful mystery, I realized that each is marked by some sort of sorrow or hardship. For example, the Annunciation, where Mary finds out that she is expecting a baby. You can imagine joy, but you can also imagine all that she went through; the judgments to accusations… Each of the five mysteries was the same -marked with suffering. However, after the pain and suffering in each came great joy! Christ was born because of the Annunciation, because of Mary’s “yes” to the suffering. I found myself praying for all of my benefactors and prayer warriors who I know are suffering; begging the Lord to give them the grace to persevere. Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose hope. After the rain comes the sun… always!

If there is any specific way that I can pray for you please reach out to me! We all saw the power of prayer yesterday when God sent miracle rain in just 6 hours. Don’t lose hope in your afflictions. Know that our Heavenly Father is close.

If you have prayer intentions reach me by email :


Wedding Bells and Thank Yous! 

My time here in the Philippines has been blessed in so many ways! God is incredible, and this year He used me for so many things. But He also used SO many people in the States and around the world, to serve Him through prayers and financial donations. For that, I am thanking everyone who has been by my side this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

This blog post was written with my church parish, Holy Rosary, in mind. Today is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, and I think it’s the perfect time to say a special thank you to my friends and family back at home! I could almost feel your prayers carrying me this year. I have such an amazing priest behind me who loves and supports me. Thank you so much Father Mark! 

There is one thing that I would like to thank, Holy Rosary Parish, especially for. Your generosity with the collections picked up in mass and the support you have shown me has been such a special blessing to me all year, so I wanted to do something very special here with the money you donated.

I am excited to tell my you all that this past week Holy Rosary Parish sponsored an entire mass wedding for eight beautiful couples to receive the sacrament of marriage.

Here in the Philippines, it is very common for couples to live together for years and have children but not be married in the church because they cannot afford a wedding. This past weekend eight couples were able to get married in the church because of you all! Your donations and prayers provided for booking the church, general paperwork fees, renting the wedding gowns for the brides, flowers, cakes for each couple, and even food for each couple to take home after the wedding to share with their friends and family. 

You have no idea what a huge blessing you were to these eight beautiful couples! Because of your generosity they now have their marriages blessed. 

I hope and I pray that you are all blessed by how we served the Lord together!  

Know that you are all in my prayers and I look forward to seeing you when I come home in November! 

With love and in Him, 

Olivia Briolo 

Give A Backpack! 

The month of May is famous in the Philippines. Everyday kids from everywhere, go to local chapels to celebrate “Flores de Mayo” – an entire month dedicated to learning about Mama Mary and the Catholic Church teachings. The children range from ages 1-12. This year myself as well as my mission partners have been in charge of teaching the children everyday. The children are a joy to teach! On the very last day of May there is a tradition that they supply every child with school supplies.

This year, with your help, we hope to raise enough money give every child who attends Flores de Mayo, as well as the children from nearby neighborhoods, a backpack! Backpacks are a huge deal here. Most families can not afford to buy them, especially if more than one child goes to school. A backpack costs only 4 dollars!!! That is the normal daily wage for someone who works as a laborer, so most families choose feeding their kids over buying a backpack. It is necessary for children to have a backpack because most have to walk long distances to school and sometimes in the rain. 

Kids in the America are enjoying summer right now, but here in the Philippines children are getting ready for school to start in just 3 weeks! We hope to raise enough money for 300 backpacks and we only have about 2 weeks! Remember, a backpack only costs 4 dollars! Your donation can go so far! Please consider donating to really put a smile on the faces of the sweet little children we love!  

To donate go to or call 3378936111. Remember to specify that the money is for the backpack campaign!

Offering flowers to Mary

Update On My Life in Missions! 

So much has been happening here in the Philippines! God is working some beautiful miracles in people as well as in me. I wanted to take this time to introduce my friends and give you an update on kids ministry, as well as a couple other things.

Meet Christine and Bingkay!  I met them during the first month of my stay here in Malaybalay. Both girls are 17 years old. They are funny, smart, and they have such great hearts. They long to know Jesus better, and they often ask us to read the Bible with them. The other day Christine said to me, “So when is this Bible reading going to start happening everyday?!” Christine and Bingkay really love coming with us to do hospital ministry and home visits. They are naturals at translating, too which is a huge help for us! A week ago, we sponsored a mission trip and students from a different island in the Philippines came for one week to serve God. Christine and Bingkay participated as well and they loved it! They got along great with the other students, and they loved serving the poor with us for a whole week. Please keep them in your prayers as they grow in love with Jesus! Also, pray for the continued growth of their families. 

We have been so busy lately! Medical ministry has been nonstop (Praise the Lord!), as well as our other regular ministries and mission trips coming! However, this time has enabled me to witness the work of the Lord. Since before coming here I knew God was calling me to work with children. He confirmed my call since the first week I arrived in the Phillipines and has been asking me continuously ever since. I started to look for buildings and housed to rent but they were all so expensive, and with our busy schedules I began to think it just couldn’t happen. I visited the eye doctor, Tita Teets, who is  a long time friend of Mr. Frank and Mrs. Genie Summers, with some patients who had poor vision. Tita and I were talking and randomly in conversation she mentioned that she had been praying for a kids ministry/catechism to start in Heights, which is the neighborhoods we live in! Then only a week later, God confirmed his desire for it again by putting a desire on the Bishops heart to begin a catechism in our neighborhood! 

The videos below are of Francis and Chill Chill giving their testimonies! 

God also put it on my heart to send a child to school! With the help of my sister Paige, Christian will being starting school next semester! He is 10 years old and has been out of school for two years now, ever since his father died. His family is the poorest of the poor. Their walls are made mostly of tarp and ducks and chickens walk freely through their home. Christian cares for his mom, who is completely blind, everyday while his brothers work. He is so patcient, and he loves his mother so much. He never hesitates to do anything for her, whether it’s leading her down to the river to use the bathroom or feeding her. God provided my sister to support him and also a tutor to prepare him before going back to school! He begins being tutored on Monday so please keep him in your prayers! 

Also, I am looking for people who would be willing to donate money for his mother to have eye surgery to cure her major cataracts. The surgery will cost approximately 1000 USD. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to truly change this families life! Mrs. Helen has not seen Christian or her other boys in two whole years! If you feel called to donate go online to or call the office of FMC at 3378936111 and tell them you want to donate. When you donate please make sure you specify that the money goes to my account for Ate Helen’s eye surgery. 



God answered my prayers and has surrounded me with kids! Most days neighborhood children come to play, color, and chalk at our home. One of them is named Francis. He’s eleven years old and comes regularly to spend time with us.


He’s hilarious! He loves to have jam sessions and sing Bruno Mars songs together. The other day he and some of his friends came over to draw and color. When I asked Francis what his picture was of he said that it was his guardian angel named Olivia. I said “Wow! Your angel and I have the same name.” And he said “Yes! It’s because my guardian angel is YOU!” Even though that’s not exactly true, I was so touched by his innocence. If God sent me to the Philippines only “to be his guardian angel”, it’s worth it! 


He really loves to come to mass with us, too. He and his cousin got to receive their ashes on Ash Wednesday for the first time! However, Francis never made his first communion, so he can’t receive Jesus when he attends mass. Every time we go he begs me to let him! He’s even snuck into the communion line twice, and gets mad at me when I tell the priest not to give it to him. Please pray for me because I want to talk to his parents about if they would allow him to receive his first communion!  


About three weeks ago, he came by our house after dinner one night to invite me to his dad’s birthday celebration. He kept telling me “Please, pleaseee come! You are my very best friend in the whole wide world!” How could I say no?! I went along with one of my mission partners, and it ended up being a really great experience. I got to meet and talk to his family. I found out, though, that Francis has quit going to school since about a week before we arrived. Unfortunately, in the Philippines it actually isn’t uncommon for kids to stop going to school. I started praying so hard that he would change his mind and go back to school. My team and I prayed everyday, and I received news this week that Francis’s father is making him start school this week! Praise the Lord!!! I talked to Francis about it, and he’s surprisingly really excited to go back. God totally heard our prayers and worked another miracle. Please pray with me for Francis that he remains motivated and excels in school. 


A couple days ago, Francis came over yelling for me at the gate. When I went outside to see what he needed, he said he had a gift for me! When I opened the little box, inside was a bracelet and a picture of him as a baby! He quietly looked at it for a moment with me, and then finally pointed to it and said, “That’s my mother holding me…my real mother.” He lives with his father and step mother. His mother went missing years ago. This gift was so special to me because I wouldn’t guess that he has many possessions of his real mom. 


Please pray for Francis! Pray that he would do well in school, that his parents would be open to letting him receive his sacraments, for his family to grow in love, and for him to one day see his real mother again! Also, pray that my mission partners and I have a great impact on his life, and that we would be examples of God’s love to him everyday!

“Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

🎼Hello from the Other Side… of the World!🎼

Many great things have been happening here in Malaybalay City! I wanted to take some time to introduce to you a few people and things that will explain my day to day life a little better.

I’m getting used to living in the city! At first all the noises (dogs barking constantly, roosters crowing at all hours of the night and motorcycles passing really loudly) were really hard to get used to, but now they’re quickly becoming background noise. Making my way through the city gets easier everyday, too! To get places we walk or we take a motorella. A motorella is a motorcycle with a cart welded to it. It takes you pretty much anywhere you need to go in the city – the Philippino version of a taxi!

However, the people are so nice and have been so welcoming. They love to talk and thankfully most of them know English really well! One thing that has been fun trying to get used to is people staring. EVERYONE stares. They just can’t believe they’re seeing a person who isn’t Philippino! Sometimes we’re even spied on from inside our house; most of the time by our neighborhood friends who just want to come play! However, it holds us accountable for being good examples by remaining joyful witnesses at all times.

God is really beginning to open doors for me to meet and serve people. As I mentioned in a different post, Amber and I have gotten really close to many children from our neighborhood. We really felt called to ask a few of our neighborhood kids where they lived. So, one day we went along with them to each of their homes. They led us to a neighborhood not far from our home that is extremely impoverished where most of them lived. It came time for us to see our friends Gabriel and Dexter’s home. The kids led us away from their community and back to our own neighborhood. We were a little confused at first, but we soon realized that through an ally, only a couple feet wide, was their house. Apparently they’re renting a tiny piece of land directly behind one of the largest houses in the neighborhood. Their house is built on a slope and is completely falling apart. Tarp covers large holes on most of the walls, and you have to be careful where you step the whole time because you’ll fall through the floor. The floor is made of thin strips of bamboo that are each about two inches apart from each other. Most of the time there are about fourteen people living there including the children. They only have two “bedrooms” inside the house, and the grandmother lives in one of them. Every night all of the children sleep on the bamboo floor. The house has no bathroom from what I’ve observed. When we visited, Gabriel’s mother told us that they had absolutely no food in the house. How were they going to feed six children, six adults, and and two brand new babies?! Amber and I were able to buy the family fruit and rice several times, as well as the grandmother’s medicine. We hope to begin going on a more regular basis to start forming relationships and figuring our some of their needs. Please pray with me for the means and opportunities to help this family, and many others just like them, in major ways!

Thank you for your continued prayers for my life and work as a servant for our Lord!

Salamat sa Dios! (Thanks be to God)

My first week here in the Philippines has been so much better than I could’ve imagined. God knows the desires of my heart, and He has loved me so much. The city I live in is called Malaybalay, and it’s located on the island of Mindanao. Malaybalay is a city in the mountains. It’s beautiful and lush with all kinds of fruit trees and flowers that I’ve never seen before! The people here are so friendly and welcoming. It’s only been a little over a week that I’m here and I’ve already been given a few friends and opportunities to really see and love on God’s people.


My friends are great! I met them last week when one of my mission partners asked me to go buy some soy sauce down the street. When I got to the top of the hill I came across some children playing super heroes. They quickly stopped their game and ran up to me offering hugs – instant friends! Their ages ranged from two years old to about eleven. We talked for a while, then I bought them each a small candy, and I went on my way. Only about fifteen minutes later we had visitors at our gate. Three of the little boys came to offer us fruit! I let them in and we all shared the fruit and colored with them. Soon, we had to move the party outside because the rest of our friends decided to join us! They continue to come by often to play basketball and color.

God has also really blessed me with the opportunity to change a couple lives! On the third day I was here I got to meet a three year old little boy named Christian. When the missionaries first found Christian he was sharing a hospital bed with two other children and a room full of kids. He was barely conscious and literally on the verge of death. The doctors had not yet given him a diagnosis and he wasn’t receiving treatment. Our missionary family began caring for him right away. They moved him to a better hospital, where he was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, which is extremely contagious to children, elders, and sick people! Miraculously in just two weeks he was healed and could go home! However, in the Philippines a patient cannot leave the hospital until their medical bill is paid. Christian’s family is very poor and it would’ve taken a long time for them to pay the bill. All of us missionaries pitched in to help pay Christian’s bill so that he could finally go home! Thank you Lord for all of my benefactors who helped save little Christian’s life and send him home!

In Malaybalay the poverty is immense. People struggle to find jobs, and even those who have some sort of income struggle to make ends meet. There is a lot of work that needs to be done! For the first month or so, our team will be participating in the ministries that the missionary families have already started. We’ll be doing jail ministry, home visits, a bible study, and a lot of medical ministry. Once we get more used to living here, I’ll be able to pray about what God might be asking me to do.

Please keep me, our team, and the people of Malaybalay in your prayers!


If you go, I’ll go. 

I first have to apologize for not updating my blog in a long time. Eesh, I promise I’ll work on getting better at this.

This time of formation with Family Missions Company has been wonderful and blessed beyond measure. I am extremely excited to tell you that I will be spending at least the next year in Malaybalay, Philippines serving and telling people about the amazing, fulfilling love our Lord has for them!

A couple weeks ago, before returning home to spend time with our families for Christmas, the other new missionaries and I were honored with a special commissioning mass to celebrate becoming missionaries! We received missionary crosses and the priest gave us a special blessing.

My sister Maria and I after my commissioning mass.

The inspiration for this blog post comes from a few questions that I’ve been asked a lot lately; “Are you scared? Are you going to miss your family? How long do you plan on doing this?” I seem to always take a deep breath before answering and no matter how many times I’m asked I can never get my response to come out right. Even though they’re normal questions to be asked, and I would probably ask them too if I wasn’t the one becoming a missionary, it never gets easier to answer them! So, I’ve been praying about why that is for a while and I really felt the Lord answering each of the questions for me through one word: love. Without the undeniable knowledge that God loves me, I could not do this. Without the burning desire to share this love with His sons and daughters, the poorest of the poor, who are in situations that no human should ever find themselves in, I couldn’t do this. Without the longing to share my knowledge of salvation, which is only possible through His love, I couldn’t do this!


The Transfiguration

In Matthew 17:1, the Transfiguration, Jesus calls Peter, James, and John to the top of Mount Tabor. I can imagine how beautiful the view of the whole area of Galilee was from the top of the mountain, and not to mention the beauty of the transfiguration. However, I’m sure that if you were the disciples, not only do you love the glory that the Lord is showing you, but you also love that it’s just you and Jesus. The disciples wanted to be there because He was there, but Jesus soon told them that they would have to leave. I can imagine them begging the Lord to stay; “Lord I don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave this.”

I can relate to the disciples in this situation. I’ve been preparing to leave my family to go halfway around the world. It would’ve been so easy to say “No Lord. I’m not going to the Philippines because it’s going to be hard, and I don’t want to leave school or my family and friends.” It would’ve been so much easier to just become a nurse! “God, can’t I glorify you in becoming a nurse?!”


Two of my closest friends from college. One of whom was in nursing school with me.

Again I hear the disciples say, “Lord, I don’t want to go. I don’t want to leave this.” They do end up leaving… They go from the top of Mount Tabor, and eventually to the top of Mount Calvary. We all love the story of the transfiguration. We all love being comfortable and having everything we need. However, did anyone get saved at the transfiguration? No. Our redemption happened at Mount Calvary. The world was saved by Jesus emptying Himself on the cross.

It’s hard to go to the cross. It’s hard knowing that I’m not going to see my family for months, and it’s even harder knowing that I have no idea why God has asked me to go to the Philippines. “God, I don’t want to go to Calvary, but if you’ll be there, then I want to go too. If you’re calling me to the cross, Lord, I’ll go, if you go.”


God is asking me to leave a lot of things, but He’s also calling me to a greater love for His people and a deeper commitment to Him. When times get really hard, when I feel lost and I miss my family the only thing that will pull me through is love. The love that I know God has for me. The love that I know God has for the people of the Philippines. The love that I know God has for you. Jesus left Mount Tabor and went to Mount Calvary because He loves us. The Lord has called me to follow Him, to leave my family, and go to the Philippines because He trusts me to share his love with those who don’t know Him. Of course I’m scared. I’ll absolutely miss my family! I have no idea how long God is going to need me to do this, but Lord, if you go, I want to go too.


My sisters, my mom, and I




The Lord Frustrates the Designs of His People

“The Lord foils the plan of the nations, frustrates the designs of His peoples. But the plan of the Lord stands forever, the designs of His heart through all generations.” Psalm 33:10-11

So, here we go! My very first blog entry. Writing a blog is something I NEVER imagined I’d be doing and I can’t guarantee I’ll be good at it, but I’ll try my best. Over the past year, however, I’ve been preparing myself for something even bigger than writing a blog entry – to become a full time foreign missionary! My journey has been such a rollercoaster; terrifying at times but such a wonderful ride. It has led to the most wonderful gift that God could give me – the gift to serve His people and proclaim Him on distant shores.

A common question for adults to ask children is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When I was little, I can remember myself answering the question and saying, “I want to help people.” As I matured, I became influenced by my mom – who has been a nurse for over 30 years. My answer to the question evolved into dreams of becoming a nurse myself one day. I wanted to be a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse so that I could be the voice for the tiniest people who had no voice.

Fast-forward to my senior year of high school. I was still dead set on becoming a nurse, and I was accepted to my dream university to study! Things were great; busier than ever and I Ioved it. Toward the end of my senior year, however, things began to change. I began having dreams about nuns! Reoccurring dreams. This was extremely strange to me especially since I had never really even spent time around nuns. I can vaguely remember a trip with my mom and my grandma to attend mass with the Carmelites once, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Over time, these dreams consumed my thoughts, and I couldn’t think of anything else! I remember sitting in church one day and crying the whole time because nuns were all I could think about. However, I didn’t tell anyone about my dreams for months; after all, I had college quickly approaching. I continued to pursue my dreams, and anxiously looked forward to starting my college career. Just four days before I moved to the university, my mom walked into my room and said that she had a funny feeling that maybe we should call the school and make sure everything was in order. I was extremely frustrated with her because I felt like it was a last minute attempt to convince me to study somewhere closer to home. Come to find out, there was something wrong and it was too late to fix it. I was forced to unpack all my things and scramble to a nearby university to enroll there. I was devastated. (The Lord frustrates the designs of His people.)

I ended up loving school despite what I had just gone through, and the best part was those dreams about nuns went away! I met really nice friends in my classes, and I even moved into an apartment with my cousin. Things were great! Around the end of my first semester, I met a priest who was told me that I should pray seriously about becoming a nun. Here we go again! Considering the dreams of nuns I’d had prior to this, I decided that I would pray about it. Not too long after, God introduced me to the Missionaries of Charity. I decided to skip a semester of college to be with them and understand their charisms. I spent almost every day with them for about four months. I would attend mass with the sisters every day, and we would visit patients in the hospitals and nursing homes. They even had a kid’s ministry that I helped out with! I had a lot of peace about what I was doing. What I grew to love most about them was their love for the poor. This new found love struck me because I never realized this about myself before. Now, instead of thinking about my dreams of nuns, I thought about my desire to become one. I did research on the Missionaries of Charity to learn more about them. One thing I found out is that they have a choice to see their family once every ten years, but most choose to never see them again after making their final vows. They do this because it’s a huge sacrifice for God. It was really hard to imagine not ever seeing my family again, but I told God that I would be willing to do it for Him. My family really struggled with this and I accepted it because God needed me. I even planned to take the first step to become a Missionary of Charity that summer. One day while we were doing hospital visits one of the sisters randomly looked at me in the eyes and said “Olivia, do you realize that you will probably never see your family again?” Despite me already accepting that fact, in that moment all the peace I experienced every day before, immediately went away. Just like that, I felt uncomfortable. I knew it was God in that moment telling me this wasn’t where He wanted me. After that day, I slowly began distancing myself from the sisters. I didn’t stop going all together, but I didn’t desire to go all the time.

I decided to try nursing school once again this time at a different university. I met amazing friends. Friends that helped me grow in holiness and closer to God. However, there was something wrong. I loved my friends, but I had absolutely no desire to be in school. I even considered switching my major! I’d never felt so lost. (The Lord frustrates the designs of His people.)

One day about mid-semester my cousin called me and asked if I would go to a conference with her. I was very hesitant mainly because it required money that I barely had, but after a lot of convincing I finally agreed to go. It ended up being the Proclaim Conference that Family Missions Company puts on once a year. It was all about missions and evangelization! There I experienced an amazing sense of peace; a peace that I had never felt before. I thought “Wow! God is calling me to be a missionary, but not a Missionary of Charity! I left the conference on fire and wanting to go on a short term mission trip to Mexico that was just three weeks away. The problem was of course money, but the pull to go was so strong that I couldn’t refuse. I took a leap of faith for The Lord, bought my passport and a plane ticket, and I went to Mexico. There I had the most amazing experiences, and God answered so many of my prayers and questions. It was obvious that with His poor is exactly where He needs me at this time in my life.


Now, the time to begin formation with Family Missions Company is quickly approaching. I’ve had almost a whole year to prepare myself to become a missionary, and I still can’t believe the whirlwind God put me through. I never imagined myself being anything other than a nurse, and now all I can think about is serving the poor for God! Please remember me in your prayers as I embark on this incredible walk with God, and I proclaim Him on distant shores.