🎼Hello from the Other Side… of the World!🎼

Many great things have been happening here in Malaybalay City! I wanted to take some time to introduce to you a few people and things that will explain my day to day life a little better.

I’m getting used to living in the city! At first all the noises (dogs barking constantly, roosters crowing at all hours of the night and motorcycles passing really loudly) were really hard to get used to, but now they’re quickly becoming background noise. Making my way through the city gets easier everyday, too! To get places we walk or we take a motorella. A motorella is a motorcycle with a cart welded to it. It takes you pretty much anywhere you need to go in the city – the Philippino version of a taxi!

However, the people are so nice and have been so welcoming. They love to talk and thankfully most of them know English really well! One thing that has been fun trying to get used to is people staring. EVERYONE stares. They just can’t believe they’re seeing a person who isn’t Philippino! Sometimes we’re even spied on from inside our house; most of the time by our neighborhood friends who just want to come play! However, it holds us accountable for being good examples by remaining joyful witnesses at all times.

God is really beginning to open doors for me to meet and serve people. As I mentioned in a different post, Amber and I have gotten really close to many children from our neighborhood. We really felt called to ask a few of our neighborhood kids where they lived. So, one day we went along with them to each of their homes. They led us to a neighborhood not far from our home that is extremely impoverished where most of them lived. It came time for us to see our friends Gabriel and Dexter’s home. The kids led us away from their community and back to our own neighborhood. We were a little confused at first, but we soon realized that through an ally, only a couple feet wide, was their house. Apparently they’re renting a tiny piece of land directly behind one of the largest houses in the neighborhood. Their house is built on a slope and is completely falling apart. Tarp covers large holes on most of the walls, and you have to be careful where you step the whole time because you’ll fall through the floor. The floor is made of thin strips of bamboo that are each about two inches apart from each other. Most of the time there are about fourteen people living there including the children. They only have two “bedrooms” inside the house, and the grandmother lives in one of them. Every night all of the children sleep on the bamboo floor. The house has no bathroom from what I’ve observed. When we visited, Gabriel’s mother told us that they had absolutely no food in the house. How were they going to feed six children, six adults, and and two brand new babies?! Amber and I were able to buy the family fruit and rice several times, as well as the grandmother’s medicine. We hope to begin going on a more regular basis to start forming relationships and figuring our some of their needs. Please pray with me for the means and opportunities to help this family, and many others just like them, in major ways!

Thank you for your continued prayers for my life and work as a servant for our Lord!


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