Update On My Life in Missions! 

So much has been happening here in the Philippines! God is working some beautiful miracles in people as well as in me. I wanted to take this time to introduce my friends and give you an update on kids ministry, as well as a couple other things.

Meet Christine and Bingkay!  I met them during the first month of my stay here in Malaybalay. Both girls are 17 years old. They are funny, smart, and they have such great hearts. They long to know Jesus better, and they often ask us to read the Bible with them. The other day Christine said to me, “So when is this Bible reading going to start happening everyday?!” Christine and Bingkay really love coming with us to do hospital ministry and home visits. They are naturals at translating, too which is a huge help for us! A week ago, we sponsored a mission trip and students from a different island in the Philippines came for one week to serve God. Christine and Bingkay participated as well and they loved it! They got along great with the other students, and they loved serving the poor with us for a whole week. Please keep them in your prayers as they grow in love with Jesus! Also, pray for the continued growth of their families. 

We have been so busy lately! Medical ministry has been nonstop (Praise the Lord!), as well as our other regular ministries and mission trips coming! However, this time has enabled me to witness the work of the Lord. Since before coming here I knew God was calling me to work with children. He confirmed my call since the first week I arrived in the Phillipines and has been asking me continuously ever since. I started to look for buildings and housed to rent but they were all so expensive, and with our busy schedules I began to think it just couldn’t happen. I visited the eye doctor, Tita Teets, who is  a long time friend of Mr. Frank and Mrs. Genie Summers, with some patients who had poor vision. Tita and I were talking and randomly in conversation she mentioned that she had been praying for a kids ministry/catechism to start in Heights, which is the neighborhoods we live in! Then only a week later, God confirmed his desire for it again by putting a desire on the Bishops heart to begin a catechism in our neighborhood! 

The videos below are of Francis and Chill Chill giving their testimonies! 

God also put it on my heart to send a child to school! With the help of my sister Paige, Christian will being starting school next semester! He is 10 years old and has been out of school for two years now, ever since his father died. His family is the poorest of the poor. Their walls are made mostly of tarp and ducks and chickens walk freely through their home. Christian cares for his mom, who is completely blind, everyday while his brothers work. He is so patcient, and he loves his mother so much. He never hesitates to do anything for her, whether it’s leading her down to the river to use the bathroom or feeding her. God provided my sister to support him and also a tutor to prepare him before going back to school! He begins being tutored on Monday so please keep him in your prayers! 

Also, I am looking for people who would be willing to donate money for his mother to have eye surgery to cure her major cataracts. The surgery will cost approximately 1000 USD. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to truly change this families life! Mrs. Helen has not seen Christian or her other boys in two whole years! If you feel called to donate go online to olivia.familymissionscompany.com or call the office of FMC at 3378936111 and tell them you want to donate. When you donate please make sure you specify that the money goes to my account for Ate Helen’s eye surgery. 



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