Give A Backpack! 

The month of May is famous in the Philippines. Everyday kids from everywhere, go to local chapels to celebrate “Flores de Mayo” – an entire month dedicated to learning about Mama Mary and the Catholic Church teachings. The children range from ages 1-12. This year myself as well as my mission partners have been in charge of teaching the children everyday. The children are a joy to teach! On the very last day of May there is a tradition that they supply every child with school supplies.

This year, with your help, we hope to raise enough money give every child who attends Flores de Mayo, as well as the children from nearby neighborhoods, a backpack! Backpacks are a huge deal here. Most families can not afford to buy them, especially if more than one child goes to school. A backpack costs only 4 dollars!!! That is the normal daily wage for someone who works as a laborer, so most families choose feeding their kids over buying a backpack. It is necessary for children to have a backpack because most have to walk long distances to school and sometimes in the rain. 

Kids in the America are enjoying summer right now, but here in the Philippines children are getting ready for school to start in just 3 weeks! We hope to raise enough money for 300 backpacks and we only have about 2 weeks! Remember, a backpack only costs 4 dollars! Your donation can go so far! Please consider donating to really put a smile on the faces of the sweet little children we love!  

To donate go to or call 3378936111. Remember to specify that the money is for the backpack campaign!

Offering flowers to Mary


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